Tiebreak Tens Singles Tournament 2020

As part of the return to play after the COVID-19 club closure, we are introducing a new Tiebeak Tens style tournament to allow our members to be able to get some match practise as it is looking unlikely that the normal club championships will be able to be held this year and to try and restore some element of normality. 

The social distancing rules set up when the club was re-opened must be followed to ensure the tournament is safe for all entrants.

The event will be held until the end of July with all matches being best of 3 championship tiebreaks with sudden death at 9 all in each tiebreak. The format has been selected to ensure a match can be competed within one 55 minute session (following the temporary club rules).

There are two groups to cater to members of all abilities and results & standings will be updated here as the tournament progresses.

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