Winter Women's Team

lisa wright update

Captain: Lisa Wright
Previous season results:
12/13:1st Division 10E
13/14: 3rd Division 9E
14/15: 1st Division 8E
15/16: 3rd Division 7E
16/17: 1st Division 7E
17/18: 1st Division 6E
18/19: 4th Division 5E
19/20: 4th Division 5E

Current Season Fixtures and Results

                                                    Hereford & Worcester Women’s Division 5E

Sunday 29th Nov 2020

Away vs Pershore C
Pair 1-    Pair 2-

Sunday 6th Dec 2020

Home vs Halesowen B   
Pair 1-    Pair 2-

Sunday 31th Jan 2021

Home vs Bromsgrove D  
Pair 1-    Pair 2- 

Sunday 21st Feb 2021

Away vs David Lloyd Worcester B 
Pair 1-    Pair 2-

Sunday 14th March 2021

Away vs Droitwich C   
Pair 1-
    Pair 2-


Away vs Stourbridge E   
Pair 1-    Pair 2-

Click the link below for the current standings of the league on the H&W website:

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